May. 7th, 2014

smooooch: (Mortal Kombat > Let it go!)
 So it's been a while since I used Dreamwidth, or anything like it, but i kind of want to get back into it because I miss making long nonsense posts with me babbling about fandoms and feelings and fandom feelings.

So yes! At the moment my fandom babble will probably be on Mortal Kombat (I'm balls deep in this fandom right now and with Ed Boon suspiciously counting down to something on Twitter I may go even deeper) but there'll be other things in here, especially with me having like a week til deadline's it'll involve me crying a whole bunch about how I'm going to fail everything.

Real tempted to get myself an upgrade because icons and maybe it'll bribe me into using this place a tone... also icons...

Also icon's my graphics comm [community profile] hunkrump will most likely actually get icons soon because I just remembered how much I love Icons and icon making and ICONS!!!!!! Expect Mortal Kombat... and that's about it... Maybe some other stuff too haha.

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