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I've almost been a member of Flight Rising for a year and for a good majority of that year I was inactive due to lack of interest. I went back to it during my deadlines because me and my house mates where desperately trying to find ways to procrastinate. You know, like mature adults who don't want to face responsibility.
I've also been a bit "meh" about my grades (a D, D+, C- and a B+... That B+ is the bane of my existance because it was for the module I hated... if anything it's taught me that being an angry gay person up's my grades). Thankfully the week I got the grades back was E3 week and it's VERY hard to be deppressed about my education when I'm getting excited about Mortal Kombat bug ladies and basically everything Nintendo do.
However the E3 hype is wearing off, I'm back at my parents for the summer and I'm at a point of "I have no idea what to do".
Sure I have a summer project to do but I'm going to blissfully ignore that for the time being. And then I found out about the Flight Rising Legacy Challenge. Since I had a spare G1 dragon, I decided it might be nice to give it a go, and in the future may just be what I want to do with the game! Then today, I managed to acquire ANOTHER G1... so I'm going for a double challenge.
My Tumblr tag for Flight Rising tends to be a bit garbled and I know that eventually I'll loose track of this challenge if I limit my endless babbling about it to there. SO, here I am. On dreamwidth. Using my online journal to document my online life rather than my real one... who need's real life anyway, it's just all bad grades and disappointment, the virtual world has dragons and video game news!

So, under the cut I'll introduce my founders, talk about why I chose their mates and the colour range for the babies and then get excited about the prospect of future babbies!!!

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